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Copyrise generates targeted traffic to your travel business with effective search engine optimization, organic link building, and influential content.

Hotel Internet Marketing

SEO for Travel

On-page site hygiene, travel link building, keyword research, and a balance between local and internationally focused SEO; ideal for resorts and hotels.

Article Writing Services

Blog Writing

Copyrise writes original blog post articles that build quality backlinks organically to boost search rank for your highest performing keywords.

Travel Slideshow Maker


Get your point across with educational slideshows; repurpose existing content to build influence and drive traffic back to your website.

Infographic Maker Service


Infographics are an effective way to reach out to new audiences, generate free exposure, and expand your backlink profile.

Travel Marketing Services

“We’re not just here to take part;
We’re here to take over”.

Conor McGregor, UFC Champion

40% of Millennials search for travel blogs and user-generated content right before making a travel purchase –and 45% do so before booking a hotel.

Everyone knows that inbound links are a top Google ranking factor. Flood the internet with word-of-mouth referrals from influential bloggers and the social media elites –while building valuable organic back links for SEO.

Travel bloggers have influence that traditional SEO articles and link building don’t have. They work tirelessly to create and nurture a following, and travelers turn to them to plan their itineraries.

And that’s a flavor of authenticity that’s better than a boring SEO article you’re going to get from a traditional SEO company.

Our work is an asset that matures and ranks on search engines over time, while influencing travel purchasing decisions along the way.

Reviews on online travel agency (OTA) websites are only one piece of the picture. Travelers are looking for a more immersive learning experience before they make a travel purchase decision.

Seconds after opening a new tab, typing your business name into Google, and reviewing search results –they are going to find an authentic storytelling of a real human being’s account of what it was like to stay at your resort, or scuba dive with your dive shop, or eat at your restaurant.

If they don’t, that’s a wasted opportunity. If they do, you will probably have a new booking shortly thereafter.

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Punch Above Your Weight Class with Copyrise

Why are you putting the majority of your focus on local SEO?

Local SEO might be really important to your business, but do you know for sure?

If you run a hotel that’s along a major traffic artery, or your main demographic are repeat local customers at your casino –local SEO is definitely an asset.

However, what if your ideal buyer persona lives in another continent?

Too much focus on your local audience and not enough on international customers could be a poor use of your time.

This separates you from traditional SEO engagements. Travel marketing is quite a different animal.

If international SEO is higher on the list of business requirements, your ideal strategy will focus on capturing people at a different point in their buyer’s journey.

The usual focus on local citations and uninspiring organic link building may be holding you back.

Copyrise will help you find the right balance between effective local and international SEO, because your customers aren’t all in one place.

What’s the difference?

International SEO considers different factors to help your website rank in another geography. Domain extensions (, .ca, com, .it, etc.), and where those websites are physically hosted matter quite a bit.

Local SEO focuses on geography-based directories and local citations. If the people living around your hotel or resort aren’t your ideal client, you need to think at an international level.

Too much local focus could be why your search optimization campaigns are not performing as they could be.

Our aim is to help you work smart, not hard.

To reduce the number of lost opportunities, and put you in front of more people who are ready to book directly from your resort or hotel.

Data-Driven Hotel Marketing Services

Additional considerations for your hotel marketing campaigns:

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Identify Influencers

Influencer marketing has become a critical marketing component to help steer online discussion.

Trusted influencers have the ability to amplify your message and drive targeted traffic to your offer.

We can help you build a roster of industry-relevant influencers by leveraging aggregate data to join relevant discussions happening online and develop your own audience.  

SEO Benefits of Content Marketing Calendar

Stay Organized

We know SEO for every niche has it’s own nuances; different business requirements dictate different SEO solutions. Keep everything organized in one place with an SEO content calendar.

SEO Positioning

Analyze Competitors

Acquire insight into your competitor’s travel SEO analytics, keyword usage, backlink profile, social metrics, and influencers who are talking about them online to make informed  search engine marketing decisions.

Take the path of least resistance.

Contact us if you’d like to know where, when, and how often your competitors are publishing content before you make your next move.

Benefits of Content Marketing SEO

Save Money

Ad blocker usage is up 30% globally in the last two years; content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, and working with influencers generate more than 11x higher ROI than banner ads.

Hotel Marketing Services

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