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A Canadian Travel Internet Marketing Company

Copyrise employs a reliable team of “digital nomads“; Career expats who live abroad yet call Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States home.

We travel full-time, working with clients around the globe.

Our core team consists of a project manager, content manager, content strategist, community outreach specialist, 3 search engine optimization specialists, 3 creatives, several copywriters, and a web developer. Every team member has an average of 5 – 8 years of experience in content marketing, search engine optimisation, or website solution planning for a number of established brands.

We also work with hundreds of native English travel bloggers on a project-basis.

The Devil is in the Data

Copyrise is your content marketing and search engine optimization partner for influential messaging that drives growth and boosts search rank.

Our primary focus is on the travel industry, although we’ve been known to help businesses in other industries.

Increase organic traffic through search, social, and backlink outreach by creating content your audience determines valuable. Make data-driven decisions and remove all of the guesswork with our comprehensive steering reports.

Start with the Competition

When you’re starting from scratch, it’s very important to learn exactly what makes your competition tick –super fast.

Copyrise can help you analyze your competitor’s website content to discover what topics are performing the best for them, and then we can do it better. It’s simple; start by identifying their top performing content, and then build upon it with fresh eyes and new insight.

With Copyrise, it’s easy to stand out and improve upon what’s working for your niche, and avoid what isn’t.

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Hotel Internet Marketing

We Play Well with Others

Copyrise is a very social creature; we really get around.

We help would-be competitors punch above their weight-class by backing them up with resources where they’re thin, and we do this under a white label; meaning that we respect their privacy and we’re able to hook up on the down-lo.

A majority of our work is done this way, call it what you like –ghostwriting, white label, back office content production, whatever. In this business, trust is everything.

Contact Mike at CopyriseContact our Director of Business Development and Content Strategy, Michael Hulleman to learn more about our pricing and what makes Copyrise a hybrid content marketing company.


“Mike is the kind of networking machine that looks beyond his own needs and draws connections between his friends and associates in a manner that makes sense for all involved.” – Cody, business owner in Hamilton, ON (Linked In)


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