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Lower Vacancy Rates with Hotel Internet Marketing

Reliable SEO for Hotels and Resorts

We provide reliable search optimization strategies for the tourism industry that dramatically improve search rank and bring that hotel vacancy rate closer to zero.

Learn how Copyrise can help you gain more organic search traffic off the web, onto your travel tour, and into your resort.

Experienced, transparent, and effective: Everything you would expect from a professional travel SEO company.

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Hotel SEO and it’s Unique Challenges

While we still use all the tools in the traditional hotel internet marketing toolbox, the tourism industry also has some exclusive challenges and advantages that other industries don’t.

Resorts will often require a stronger focus on international SEO, and hotels will likely spend more time with local SEO.

Travel blogging influencers, booking websites, hotel reviews, business directories, and the new Google Destinations portal are just a handful of hotel SEO tools that will align you with your ideal target audience first –and help your website rank for unique keywords that set you apart from nearby resorts which cater to a similar demographic.

Those interested in widening the gap between themselves and their rivals need to understand both their demographics and their competitors exceedingly well to remain competitive. Pursuing the exact same keywords as nearby tourist destinations or industry leaders with your hotel search engine marketing campaign is often futile; it’s the slight keyword variations that often make all of the difference.

It takes a lot of organization, research, testing, and related experience to understand the nuances of search engine optimization for resorts and hotels alike.

Influencers are a Perfect Fit for Hotel Internet Marketing

Content we produce carries a healthy dose of influencer marketing and visual content that will fortify your online hotel reputation; we engage with well-respected career expats, travel bloggers, digital nomads, and travel photographers in your space who are surrounded by followers across the social media lexicon which tightly fit your ideal customer.

We build relationships and create backlinks organically with influencers who align with your values to place your content or publish it on your behalf. And everything we do is manually published and researched –no automated spam tactics or corners cut which could be damaging to your hotel’s reputation management.

Travel Marketing for a New Google

The days of travel SEO and hotel reputation management being a game of outsmarting algorithms are over. Google algorithm changes –which are becoming more frequent (and now “self learning”) are consistently re-imagining how this popular search engine works.

In addition to algorithm changes, managing negative reviews are a top priority for hotels and resorts trying to maintain or improve their rank in search results.

Navigate penalization from Google and popular travel review websites today and tomorrow; future-proof your hotel reputation management efforts with quality SEO copywriting services, the right influencer partnerships, and professionally designed visual storytelling content by Copyrise.

On-Page SEO

Identify page elements that need adjustment to increase website traffic and raise occupancy rates for your hotel or resort all year ’round.

Meta data, URLs, content, page structure, internal links, and page load time are some of the things we will improve.

Travel Link Building

Build brand authority and grow organic traffic with hotel search engine marketing.

Enhance off-page SEO with high quality links from influential websites in your niche, written by subject matter experts.

Travel Keywords

Find the short and long tail keywords that are closest to those being used by your ideal tourist.

Use them in your website copy and content outreach to gain maximum visibility in your niche.

Local & International SEO

Get your award-winning travel business discovered by local and international customers with geographically-relevant keywords, directory listings and linking websites. 

Analyze competitors nearby and identify ways to gain better local visibility.

SEO Assessment

Discover and fix technical problems that hinder your hotel website SEO for money-making search terms.

We also analyze inbound links and clean up low-quality, spam links.

Analytics & Reporting

Track and analyze resort SEO data throughout your campaign and improvise data-driven marketing strategies to yield the best results.

Our monthly travel marketing reports give you insight as to where you need to expend your reach next.

Mobile Optimization

Exceed the standard requirement for mobile responsiveness and load times with Advanced Mobile Pages, a new project by a consortium of online companies including Google; aimed at rendering lightweight HTML pages that load faster.

AMP is the VHS of the lightweight blog feed wars, with RSS being the Betamax — AMP has a number of benefits for business that can’t be ignored.

Live Chat

Address visitor needs in real time and improve user experience with a live chat solution that’s ideal for the average Millennial and Gen X tourist. And collect a heap of data in the process.

We implement one of the many flavours of live chat on your website and provide training to relevant staff. Or, you could harness the power of live chat to generate new business leads.

Treat Millennial and Gen X travelers how they expect to be treated with website live chat.

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