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You’ve Got a Great Travel Business,
So Where Is Everyone?

You’ve got plenty of satisfied customers from around the globe who know that you’re in the business of creating happy memories. Don’t be too humble, you’ve probably got more than a few fans.

Until present, your clientele have been referred to your business mostly by word of mouth. But now you’re looking for more.

Every weekend, bookings soar.

But during the week it’s like you don’t exist. Why is that?

Generating a steady flow of online travel bookings will require you to climb out of your comfort zone.

If you need to decrease those vacancy rates for your business to survive, you’re going to have to take another look at your search engine marketing strategy.

Travel Marketing Services

Why Your Travel Marketing is Failing:

You’re probably already doing travel marketing or SEO, right? You’re still not quite sold on search optimization, and all you know is that you’re not getting the results you’re looking for.

Digging a little deeper; you’re working with an SEO or marketing company that works in a bunch of niches. They hire all-purpose SEO copywriters for every client, and they are building some links for you to improve your search rank.

But do they specialize in travel SEO? How about those articles they write to build those links for you? Are they any good? Do they talk about your hotel, or your dive shop, or your restaurant, or are they just travel listicles? You know the ones I’m talking about. Boring.

And often, the only mention of your business is in some link anchor text –you’re paying to not be front and center. Why?

More questions: How about the article writer? What’s their following like? Do you suspect it’s some pen-name alias? You likely haven’t put much thought into that –but you should.

Copyrise does SEO. We also do travel marketing. But what really sets us apart is that we’re a bunch of travel bloggers in our off time. We infuse influencer marketing into our SEO game.

Our services build precious backlinks, boost search rank, and influence traveler purchasing decisions.

We’ve got a team of 12, sure. But we also have excellent standing with thousands of travel bloggers that are probably already in your city, and they’d like to pay you a visit and write about it.

Location, location, location. Get a top notch reviewer, skip paying for their flight.

Travel bloggers have influence that traditional SEO articles and link building don’t have. They have a following. They’re really interesting people. And they don’t use some pen name, they use their real name and they bare it all. And that’s a flavor of authenticity that’s better than a boring SEO article you’re going to get from a traditional SEO company. Full stop.

We’re not some automated platform where all of your competitors can use the same bloggers.

We don’t take on a million clients a year. We work with travel bloggers for hybrid influencer marketing and SEO campaigns –travel blogs and online magazines that don’t want to prostitute their website to just any brand. They trust us for quality introductions. And it doesn’t need to cost much more than that regular SEO company you’ve been using. I’m not shining you on for some crazy added travel marketing costs.

And that’s the pitch.

If you want to do travel marketing right, you need to work with a specialized travel SEO company that doesn’t do SEO work for a tire company.

We aren’t everything to everyone. And that makes us special.

Aren’t you special, too?

Go on, dig deeper. And then contact us.

First, Get to Know Us

Pick up a free travel marketing guide. We write them for hoteliers, but to be honest, they’re good for any travel company.

Hotelier’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Learn how to engage the right influencer to promote your travel business, and how to qualify them in this 30-page guide. We also show you how to get the ball rolling with free email templates.

Hotel Reputation Management Guide

A 50 page guide that will show you how to craft the perfect response to negative reviews, with special thought given to businesses dealing with fake reviews from very angry people with a lot of time on their hands. It happens.

Now Let’s Talk Shop

Our different services fall into two categories: SEO and Content Marketing. And because we can happily work with your existing agency of record or your SEO company, you don’t have to make any bold commitments right away, either.

Contact us to learn how we can work together.

Hotel Internet Marketing

Travel SEO

Your clients come from the other side of the world, so why are you still putting the majority of your focus on Local SEO?

Give your search rank a boost, improve your online reputation, and influence purchasing decisions with SEO that focuses on where your customers are –with balanced local and international SEO.

Contact us to find out what makes us the ideal solution for the travel industry!

How we can help:

  • Identify, segment, and implement money-making keywords
  • Increase traffic on existing content
  • Set goals and enable conversion tracking
  • Technical on-page search optimization
    • Improve site loading speed
    • Add markup to “talk to Google” and increase visibility
    • Clean up issues that are hurting your ability to rank
  • Influencer outreach
  • Organic link building
Travel Slideshow Maker

Travel Marketing

Work with influential travel bloggers to create an emotional connection with today’s audiences and future customers by creating great content assets that traditional SEO companies can’t compete with.

Grow your audience with evergreen content, or repurpose existing popular content into other formats to make it new again.

Keyword rich, and beautiful to look at; create an online sensation for today and tomorrow.

How we can help:

  • Long-form or short-form articles, blog posts
  • Reviews and features written by travel bloggers
  • Email auto-responders
  • Landing pages
  • Travel guides (email for download, build your list!)
  • Instagram photos
  • Infographics
  • Slideshare presentations


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