Mainstream Media & Blogger Outreach Service

Copyrise™️ is a data marketing agency that specializes in boosting brand credibility by facilitating online surveys to develop primary data for the creation of exclusive content –that’s cited by journalists, bloggers, and trusted influencers..

Commission a survey, get published, and lead the conversation with a viral PR strategy that guarantees media attention.

Build creditability around your brand and establish it as an industry authority with Copyrise Data Marketing & Blogger Outreach Service.

Data-Driven Marketing Services by Copyrise

Our guest post submission service can get your brand mentioned in published articles on hundreds of top online news outlets and niche websites.

Get mind-blowing media attention on popular online publications by providing journalists, bloggers, and trusted influencers with helpful data sources they can cite in content they publish.

Turn prospects into profits with credibility-building and wildly sought after “As Seen On” logos for your website’s front page.

Survey Marketing Services

Commission a Survey

Social networks make survey data collection easy, at a low cost.

Commission an online survey of a specific audience and collect compelling data that nobody else has.

Visualize Survey Data

Develop Original Content

We develop content presenting survey data that journalists and influencers can cite as sources.

We visualize survey data with infographics, videos, slideshows, and/or articles.

Blogger Outreach Service

Get Industry News Mentions

Our outreach services inform influential bloggers and news outlets there’s new, original data they can cite in their articles –courtesy of your brand!

Obtain As Seen On logos for your home page and build brand credibility.

If your brand isn’t mentioned on a major news outlet, we will refund the cost of your placement.

Contact us and discover what we can do for you!

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